Did you know??

  • That your skin is actually your body’s largest organ by size.
  • That your skin helps keep your body temperature even.
  • That your skin is full of nerve endings that help you feel things like heat, cold, and pain                

Since your skin plays such an important role in protecting your body, you should keep it as healthy as you can. This will help you keep from getting sick or having damage to your bones, muscles, and internal organs. Your skin works hard to keep you healthy, and you can return the favour by taking care of it. And as the saying goes, ‘If you look after your skin, it will look after you!!’ So, here are some easy ways of doing that job…………

Keeping skin clean           

Washing the skin can help prevent smells and infections, but too much washing or using harsh soaps can wash away the natural oils we need to keep our skin healthy. Use mild soaps or bath oils. And magic word is ‘Moisturize’!!!

A good moisturizer will help you to protect your skin from the elements as well as preventing it from drying. And a toner will even out any irregularities.

Sun care

Of course, as we were taught during our Health Science lessons, you need to spend some time in sunlight so your body can make vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones. But, sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are the main cause of skin ageing and can cause skin cancer. It's important to protect skin against sun damage at any age, but take special care with babies, children and young people.

To protect yourself, spend time in the shade between 11am and 3pm, cover up with clothing, hat and sunglasses, and use a good sun cream with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15.


We all know that smoking kills, that is the universal truth. But did you know that there is strong evidence that links smoking to ageing of the skin? It causes wrinkles and a leathery complexion, which makes the skin look old before it should.


When you drink alcohol, your body and skin can become dehydrated, leaving the skin looking older and tired. Drink plenty of water to avoid this. If you must drink alcohol, try to drink within recommended limits.


If you're deprived of sleep, your skin will look older and tired. It can also cause anxiety, irritation and depression. Make sure you get enough sleep to keep your skin looking healthy. If you wear make-up, always wash it off before going to bed.

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