The brand W7 has actually been around for 10 years now, and it’s one of the fastest growing budget makeup brands in the UK. W7 has over 500 individual products and have a range of colors and accessories. None of which are tested on animals. The range includes: nail polish, foundations, lipsticks and glosses, eye-shadows and palettes, plus an extensive offering of mascaras and our Ebony Collection for darker skin tones.  

Most of the products are available in a number of shades and all of them retailed under €5 at Makeup Offers. Now that's a great news for all the makeup lovers!!

Our tagline of "Who Will You Be Today?" opens up opportunity for the consumer to express and use W7 products to be who they want to be.

Testimonials tell the tale

This matte bronzer has been ideal for contouring, I really like it, again it is quite dark but as stated above many of the products in the W7 range come in different colors, so I use this bronzer when I have tan on to contour my face. I like how the powder glides onto the skin (remember people less is more) and as the makeup lasts so too does your bronzer, I wasn't left with any yucky marks on my face so this is the one I'd recommend. 

I loved this!! Possibly one of my favorite products I received from W7, a beautiful duo of a cream shimmer highlighter and a rose gold blush... I was in heaven. This is by far one of my 'go to' products so invest in this one ladies!!

Bronzing pearls are always a handy thing to have in your makeup bag,I created a W7 look at home a few weeks back and because I didn't have tan on I didn't feel the need for a lashing of a matte bronzer, I used the pearls lightly across my entire face and neck and I just got this lovely glow to my skin. I liked how they were suited to my skin and again this is a product I would recommend for the summer.

The W7 Makeup at Makeup Offers

Our W7 collection always features the most up-to-the-minute colors and innovations, including the W7 palette range, lipsticks and nail varnishes. And just like everything they create, they’re designed to stay put, and make you feel great in an instant. To find out how much you could enjoy and save on W7’s lovely makeup, simply have a nosey at our discounted range online shop



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