We all dream of healthy skin with a radiant glow. However, achieving perfect skin can be difficult due to climatic changes, health issues and even stress. Sensitive skin is one such problem, identified by many women and men. Take the first steps to treat sensitive skin, avoid damage and set you on your way to the healthy, glowing skin that you have always dreamed of.


  1. Always test a patch on your skin

When using a product for the first time it is recommended to do a test on a small patch of skin. Watch out for signs of allergies such as irritation, redness or break-outs within the next 24 hours. If you experience no skin distress within 24 hours, you've found the right product for you!


  1. Watch out for “Hypoallergenic” products

Hypoallergenic products are becoming more and more popular as they claim to be the best for sensitive skin. Make sure the product meets all safety standards, and also, remember to look out for the term “Nickel Tested,” which indicates that it has been expressed to minimize its nickel content and therefore the possibility of allergy reactions.


  1. Moisturize with care

Sensitive skin is more exposed and weak to external elements and will find comfort from a proper skin-care schedule. It is recommended by experts to moisturize both in the morning and at night to protect skin from loss of water and to maintain a healthy barrier from hazards such as environmental pollution and harsh weather.


  1. Less is more

Sensitive skin can easily breakout so it’s best to keep your daily skincare products and make up simple: All you really need are a gentle cleanser and a BB moisturizer with SPF.


  1. Choose Cosmetics Carefully

Having sensitive skin doesn't mean you have to leave out make up from your beauty routine. However, beauty experts recommend the following,

1) Use a basic mineral powder, which is free from preservatives and artificial colour dyes or a silicone-based foundation which can lessen skin irritation.

2) Dispose of all old cosmetics! All make up comes with an expiry date and it is best to discard once they are past their expiry dates. It is also important to clean your make up brushes regularly with warm water.

3) It is best to avoid waterproof mascara as harsh cleansers and scrubs are required to remove them from your eye lids which are a sensitive area.

4) It is recommended to use eyeliner in pencil form, instead of a liquid liner as it frequently contains latex and may cause an allergy reaction.


Once you follow these basic tips on how to choose make up for sensitive skin, experts guarantee an absolute change that will lead to a hassle free make up routine: and always remember the key is to find out what works for your skin best.

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  • Posted On December 22, 2015 by Jay

    it’s a good way to cleanse your skin (get rid of dirt, gsaree, oil, sweat, and makeup) that’s usually used before you sleep and/or when you wake up. Its a clear liquid that smells like alcohol and you typically pour some on a cotton swab for use. it’s obviously important to clean your skin daily to keep pores unclogged, but whether or not you use toner is a matter of personal preference. I simply use a facewash/scrub and it does the job!

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