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Maybelline is a New York based cosmetics company available in over 129 countries worldwide. It began as a family owned business in 1915 founded by Tom Lyle Williams who first created a Mascara for his sister Mabel, to thicken her lashes and then later on producing the “Maybelline” range for commercial use.  

Maybelline now operates under the parent company of L’Oréal and has been one of the world’s leading brands of cosmetics for over 15 years.

Why WE love Maybelline

Maybelline began as a small family owned company and has grown to be one of America’s biggest cosmetics producers, creating stylish looks from the designer label catwalk to the streets of New York.

Having generated their signature Maybelline collection along with the tagline: Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline, and creating many confident and beautiful women across the world.

Why Maybelline?

Trending off the catwalk to create stylish, empowering women to make a statement with new looks and explore and flaunt creativity amongst society. Their collections are influenced by confident and accomplished women to generate trend setting beautiful runway looks.  

Maybelline gives you scientifically-advanced formulas, revolutionary textures and up-to-the-minute, trendsetting shades which are can create that magazine cover look for a lot less!

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